Caring For Carers

Throughout the month of May, your favourite radio station will be dedicating time to the rising population of the UK’s Carers.

There are approximately 8.8 million unpaid Carers in the UK – that is 13% of the population. Three in five people in the UK will be Carers at some point in their lives.

‘Caring for Carers’ features uplifting, insightful and sometimes emotional stories from Carers across the UK.

You will hear interviews with experts who will share their knowledge and expertise that will help us all through this extraordinary time, and beyond.

These features are an upbeat and an informative listen that celebrates Carers and the work they do every single day and provide essential information that is relevant for the UK’s growing family of Carers.

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Caring For Carers Episodes

Caring for Carers – Your Host

Gyles Brandreth is a writer, broadcaster, actor, former MP and Lord Commissioner of the Treasury, now Chancellor of the University of Chester and one of Britain’s most sought-after award ceremony hosts and after-dinner speakers.
A star of Celebrity Gogglebox, a veteran of QI and Have I Got News For You, a reporter on The One Show and a regular on Just a Minute, his many books include The Oscar Wilde Murder Mysteries and three recent best-sellers: The 7 Secrets of Happiness; his celebration of good English, punctuation, spelling and grammar, Have You Eaten Grandma?; and his anthology of poetry to learn by heart, Dancing by the Light of the Moon.

“Why am I delighted to be hosting the ‘Caring for Carers’ radio features?
First, I am an unwavering advocate of the Care Community in Britain.
Personally, I have first-hand experience of the crucial work that Hospices deliver every single day and I remain eternally grateful to those wonderful teams.
More widely, I believe there are people up and down the country that do not recognise that they are Carers due to them looking after close family members and demonstrating acts of kindness to friends and neighbours.
The simple fact that ‘care’ comes in all forms.
For instance, ‘Poetry Together’ is a project close to my heart.
It brings schools and care homes together, in communities all over the United Kingdom, where children and adults connect and together learn, then recite a poem over tea and cake towards the end of 2020.
This, for me, is ‘care’ in action, being delivered across the generations.
These are just a few reasons why I am delighted to be hosting the ‘Caring for Carers’ series for radio”.

Carers and Covid – 19

It is widely recognised that in everyday circumstances that Carers can feel lonely, isolated and experience stress and depression. With the coronavirus pandemic, the landscape has changed dramatically.

The UK government have stated; “During a severe coronavirus outbreak, it is anticipated that there will be a surge in demand for healthcare services, including mental health services. There will also likely be higher staff absence rates than usual, particularly during the peak weeks. It is thought likely that organisations will find it very difficult to comply with a number of procedural requirements set out in the Mental Health Act 1983.”

The mental health charity, Mind has stated, “Due to the sudden dislocation for millions in their relationships whether of families, friendships, schools, clubs, faith groups and societies compounded by the loss of jobs and incomes, the sudden isolation from the outdoors, the closing of familiar places; including shops, cafes, pubs, mosques, churches and libraries, many of the most vulnerable people will remain, and become even more, isolated through a lack of connections, having no access to the internet or other forms of social media, and not knowing their neighbours”.

However, they will, no doubt, have access to a radio.

During the ‘Caring for Carers’ series, we will be hearing from Carers who will be sharing their stories of how to cope through extremely challenging circumstances.
We will also hear from a selection of professionals who will explain what services are available and the features will signpost listeners to more local and national information on this website.

Some Carers will be worried that they may be affected by the coronavirus, therefore what can they do if this becomes a reality? Our features will provide Carers with information on what to do and how to prepare for the illness by preparing an action plan for them and the person they care for.

Young Carers

There is an estimated 166000 Young Carers across the UK (Source: Carers Trust).

Evidence has shown that, providing unpaid care may have an adverse effect on Young Carers’ general health.

There is growing evidence pointing to the adverse impact on the health, future employment opportunities and social and leisure activities of those providing unpaid care, particularly in Young Carers.

‘Caring for Carers’ will give you the opportunity to hear what life is like for them every single day. We will also reach out to the nation’s Young Carers by signposting them to this website for support information.

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